Blogging Sabbatical

Dear friends,

With Ash Wednesday upon us, I have decided to take a lenten blogging sabbatical.

The physical complaints that I described a month ago—numbness and tingling in my arms and hands—continue. The condition improves if I abstain from typing but quickly returns when I resume. At this point, the doctors are not sure what the problem is, but it seems definitely related to my physical activity—perhaps a pinched nerve or something. It’s clear that I need to abstain from typing for an extended period of time. The black dog has also been particularly active the past month or so, thus making writing even more difficult. A blogging sabbatical is most certainly indicated.

I especially regret having to put my written ruminations on Romans on indefinite hold, though my reading and ruminating will continue. Perhaps after Easter I will be able to return to writing.

Please check in on Pontifications during Holy Week. I hope to publish devotional excerpts and prayers, as I have done the preceding three years.

I bid all a blessed and holy Lent.

Under the Mercy,
Fr Alvin Kimel+